Services / Capabilities

CAD/CAM Solutions

  • We at Satiate, have dedicated teams for Designing and Programming
  • Designing is done on 3D CAD Softwares like Solid Works and Solid Edge.
  • Use of these softwares makes Prototyping and Design updation possible in least possible time.
  • Our FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System) software makes it possible to generate CAM programmes Directly from 3D models
  • This helps enormously to avoid errors caused by manual conversion / editing
  • Software Driven Manufacturing not only helps in cutting down lead time in Product Development Cycles, but also enables quick change over which is necessary for a Just-in-Time environment.

CNC Punching

  • Trumpf's TruPunch 3000 s11 ensures high quality and short production times.
  • Single parts produced just as economically as small and medium sized production runs.
  • Punch from 0.6mm – 6mm of MS and 0.6mm – 2mm of SS.
  • Forming is possible at almost punching speed courtesy of the Electric Punching head.

CNC Bending

  • Trumpf 7 Axes 5000 series bending machines comply with the most accurate Sheet Metal Air Bending requirements
  • 0.5mm to 8mm Thick Mild Steel and 5mm Stainless Steel can be accurately bend over a length of 3200mm
  • TASC 6000 controller enables stimulation of first part to check for collision and bending sequence. Thereby no scrap parts.
  • Fastest Bending machines suitable for medium to large scale production runs.

CNC Shearing

  • Drabert Shearing machine allows a shearing capacity of 6mm in Mild Steel and 4mm in Stainless Steel.
  • The machine is equipped with a variable rake angle to be selected through push buttons so as to cut materials of varying thickness without burr.
  • The accuracy of the machine on the shearing length is /-0.5mm.

Metal Pressing

  • Wide range of Power Presses from 10 Meteric Tons upto 200 Meteric Tons Pressing Capacity.


High grade welding machines such as

  • Microprocessor Controlled Spot Welding Machines
  • Stud Welding Machines
  • Pneumatic Stud Fixing Machines
  • Spot Welding Machines
  • CO2 Mig Welding Machines
  • Electric Arc Welding Machines
  • TIG Welding machines

Assembly and Packaging

  • Designated zones for assembling and packaging of the finished product.
  • Products are packed with adequate protection to prevent damage and dust.

Surface Treatment Solutions

  • 75 feet long Furnace with Max Single Article size of 10feet X 4feet X 3feet Conveyor speed of 1.2 meters / minute
  • 12 tank conveyorised pre-treatment and powder coating plant.
  • Dry-off oven at last stage to ensure components are dry and suitable for powder coating.
  • Powder coating done in both batch and conveyor format.
  • Dual conveyor line resulting faster powder change over.
  • 5 tests are carried out during the pre-treatment and powder coating process
  • DFT – Coat thickness gauge 0-2000 microns and last count 0.1-1 microns.
  • Scratch Hatch Test.
  • Impact Test.
  • Bend Test.
  • Chemical (Methyl Ethyl Keton) Analysis Test.

Tube Punching

  • Sheet Metal ERW Tubes cutting , Piercing and bending facilities.

Tool Design and Manufacturing

  • In-house fully equipped tool room for manufacturing / maintainence of high precision toolings.